WSOP: Player folds KK pre-flop, saves Brazilian from elimination

WSOP: Player Folds KK Preflop to Save Paulo Joanel...

Phil Hellmuth’s triumphant entry into Day 1D of the WSOP Main Event caused quite a stir and, as fate would have it, the 17-time consecutive champion landed at the table of the fellow bracelet holder from Brazil by an incredible coincidence. In this case, Paulo Joanello.

This fact led to our representatives ending up at the TV table, as WSOP rights holders PokerGO couldn’t pass up the opportunity to bring this poker legend live. Primary table. Viewers loved the idea, and more than 25,000 decided to watch Table Live.

In the beginning, Joanello’s luck was not good, and he lost a lot of chips when he saw his queen pair lose to his opponent twice. In fact, Phil Hellmuth was one of those who tore the Brazilian to pieces.

Paulo ended up with just 11,800 in chips and had to find an alternative to get back into the game. He succeeded, but the move caught everyone’s attention and was helped by an incredible fold.

Paulo The bet was 250/500 and he was in the small blind. Action continued all the way to the button when Jason Currie raised to 1,300. Joanello saw a perfect place for his chips and, unaware of the danger, called all-in.

Victor Distefano’s decision revolutionized what seemed to be normal play. He decided to raise to $30,000 from the big blind, believing he was ahead of his opponent due to late position action.

Currie took the call and when he did, he had $77,000 in chips and KK in his hand and he started counting his chips to decide his next move. At this point, everyone thinks he has the option to call or go all-in. None of this happened.

The American drove everyone nuts with a controversial fold from KK, much to Joanello’s delight. Instead of looking for two outs, he has to avoid flips. He folded and didn’t have to worry about the board. Joanello was back at 25,000 in chips and gasped again.

Currie was very open and commented that he had folded KK, earning praise from Phil Hellmuth: “I respect your performance,” said the bracelet record holder. . Would you drop out? Share your thoughts on Poker World’s social media.

WSOP: Player Folds KK Preflop to Save Paulo Joanel...

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  • This text describes Phil Hellmuth’s entry into the WSOP Main Event and his encounter with fellow bracelet holder Paulo Joanello at the table. It highlights a crucial fold made by Jason Currie with KK, which garnered attention and praise from Phil Hellmuth.

  • The text describes Phil Hellmuth’s entry into the WSOP Main Event and his encounter with Brazilian bracelet holder Paulo Joanello. It highlights Joanello’s initial bad luck and subsequent successful move, as well as a controversial fold by an opponent. The text also mentions Phil Hellmuth’s praise for the opponent’s decision.

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