Webster Lim’s heartfelt determination helped him win the Triton Vietnam.

TITANIUM POKER SERIES Webster Lim’s heartfelt determination helped him win the Triton Vietnam.

The winner paid tribute to Ivan Leow, his friend and mentor who had gone away in 2022 and was a co-founder of Triton Poker.

Webster Lim was crowned winner of the first event of the Triton Poker Series and received a six-figure cash reward for his efforts.

There were a record number of 166 entrants in Vietnam’s Event #1 GG SUPER MILLIONS LIVE, which had a US$25,000 buy-in, and just 23 players made it to the cashier’s desk to split the prize pool of US$4,150,000.

The second day of action began with numerous professional players at the tables but in the end it was Lim who won the trophy and a payout of US$965,000. The winner gave the money to Ivan Leow, his mentor and the series’ co-creator who had gone away the previous year.

“My closest friends are all aware of our past connection. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for him. I’d want to give him credit for this triumph. Ivan, this is for you. I miss you.”

The Triton Poker Series events at The Hoiana Resort & Golf will run until March 13, 2019. Event #2: US$15,000 NLH 8-Handed, which currently has Nacho Barbero in the lead, will be finalized today.

One Million Dollar Guaranteed Live Event #1 at Triton Vietnam

Entry fee: $25,000 USD

166 Entries

The ultimate table

1° Webster Lim – US$965.000

Roman Hrabec, II, Second Place: $653,600

Third place, Chris Brewer: $435,500

Fourth Place: Seth Davies $357,00

N. Petrangelo, 5th Place, $286,300

Sixth-place Sosia Jiang: $222,000

Seventh place: Michael Soyza, $164,000

Eighth Place: $121,000 for Jonathan Jaffe

Hispanics in the Mainstream

Number Eighteen: Pablo Brito, $52,300

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