Trevino wins Nuevo Vallarta Tour high roller title

It has only one owner: Treviño won the NVT High Ro...

At the end of the Nuevo Vallarta Tour, Joel Treviño won the High Roller event and pocketed 513,650 MXN Prize money and the most trophies The festival’s expensive tournament takes place at the Incanto Casino in Bucerías.

With a buy-in of MXN 25,000, the event exceeded its expectations by receiving 90 entries The top nine players in the prize pool will receive 1,739,500 MXN Prize, ultimately led by Treviño.

Joel Trevino and Jair ‘JacGuto’ Coelho go 1-2 in the Nuevo Vallarta Tour High Roller.

In the final, the champion defeated Jair Coelho, better known as JacGuto, the Brazilian who was almost Mexican and who played in Azte Lived in Croatia for more than 15 years.

Second place saw Coelho awarded MXN $365,300 while completing the podium was Carlos Mora MXN$260,950 and Ismael Trejos are fourth with MXN$173,955.High Roller – Trip to Nuevo Vallarta

Purchase Amount: 25,000 MXN$

Entry Amount: 90

Pot: 1,739,500 MXN $

Final Table

1° Joel Trevino – MXN$513,6502. Jair JacGuto Coelho – 365,300 Mexican Pesos3° Carlos Mora – 260,950 MXN4° Ismael Trejos – 173,950 MXN5° Robert Edward Gates – 30,450 Mexican Pesos6° Joe Safat Cruz – 101,250 MXN7° Cinema Artee – 78,250 MXN8° Adam Owen – 64,350 MXN

It has only one owner: Treviño won the NVT High Ro...

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  • Carter.fannie

    This text provides a summary of the Nuevo Vallarta Tour High Roller event, with Joel Treviño winning first place and receiving a prize of 513,650 MXN. The event had 90 entries and the top nine players shared a prize pool of 1,739,500 MXN.

  • This text highlights Joel Treviño’s victory in the High Roller event at the Nuevo Vallarta Tour, where he took home a significant prize of 513,650 MXN. The tournament exceeded expectations with 90 entries and a total prize pool of 1,739,500 MXN, with other top players like Jair JacGuto Coelho also earning substantial cash prizes.

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