The 2022 Top Belarusian Poker Sites

Belarus “gave the world” many skilled poker players despite its small size. In this essay, we will discuss the poker rooms that will be operating in 2022 and the circumstances under which they will be able to profit.

Лучшие покер-румы для белорусов 2022

Belarusian poker halls

Strong Connections

PokerKing, Americas Cardroom, and Black Chip Poker are skins on the biggest American poker network and they provide:

Network of Chico

While Americans make up the majority of players on Chico network skins as they do on WPN, the field is much weaker owing to the absence of a loyalty structure (all rakeback is restricted to a 10% refund on first deposits and races).

From NL10$ all the way down to NL1KS, the 6- and 9-max tables are always at capacity. The most common stakes level is NL$100.

Mobile poker applications.

Fans of Omaha, especially 5- and 6-card, up to $5/$10 wagers, will find their niche at PPPoker, PokerBros, and Suprema Poker.

It’s true that there’s a new poker client and club system to learn. Here, we provide rakeback of up to 45% to our players.


With hundreds of 6-max Hold’em and Omaha tables in normal and fast formats, Shortdeck, AoF, Spins, and MTT, Pokerok has no competition. GGnetwork is the largest poker network in the world.

In addition to the standard signup bonus, ongoing promotions include a loyalty program called FishBuffet, daily leaderboards for several forms of poker, jackpots, and daily $100K freerolls. 

Belarusian online poker

A legislation passed in 2017 governs online gambling in the nation. On August 1, 2018, President of Belarus signed Decree No. 305, “On Improving the Legal Regulation of Gambling Business.” The potential for internet gaming enterprises to interact with residents of the nation is described.

Poker rooms in Belarus have been able to get local licenses for a while now, but none of them have taken the plunge. Every hotel that still accepts guests from Belarus is pleased with its “offshore” status.

That is to say, the Belarusian online poker industry is unregulated and falls under the “gray” category, since the government is opposed to the use of international sites that do not have a local license. Players continue to “hide” their revenue via foreign transfers or legitimize it as proceeds from other activities, although both methods are perfectly legal.

Poker sites are being blocked in Belarus.

The ban on using domestic IP addresses to access foreign gambling sites begins in 2021. About eighty were on the list to be prohibited at the time, but poker rooms weren’t one of them.

Players in Belarus have been complaining ever since that they can’t access a top-tier room’s website from inside the country, but it was later revealed that this was done on purpose by the provider.

The lack of Russia-style coordinated censorship of poker rooms in Belarus is a temporary situation at best. However, it’s common knowledge how to avoid it.

Money In and Money Out Options

There will be relatively few poker transaction methods available in 2022.

Today, foreign transactions often fail using Belarusian bank cards due to restrictions placed on the country’s financial institutions. Users are heavily restricted in what they may do with electronic wallets like Skrill and PayPal. 

All Belarusian poker rooms accept a variety of cryptocurrencies at the cashier counter. Transfers are often made using USDT, LTC, or another cryptocurrency with a cheap exchange rate and fee.

The “exchangers” facilitate the transfer of money from the “rooms” to the “exchangers'” wallets, where the monies may be withdrawn to cards or cash through the P2P-platform. 

Gambling gains are taxable.

There would be no more doubts regarding the legitimacy of such earnings if poker rooms with local licenses routinely withheld 4% from cashouts. 

Unfortunately for poker players in Belarus, all of the rooms that provide their services disregard the law. 

Players who choose to evade taxes may employ the services of “money changers” to convert their funds stored on international debit or credit cards into cash.

The normal method of dealing with the tax authorities is depositing 13% of all cash withdrawals into a personal account at the Tax Ministry by June 1 of the following year.

The top Belarusian athletes

Никита Бодяковский лучший покерист Беларуси

Nikita Bodiakovsky is well recognized as the “face” of poker in Belarus. Bodiakovsky scored a dozen cashes at the stakes during his first live RPT series, which ran from 2010 to 2012. 

The $240,925 he won as sixth place in the high roller event at the 2016 EPT Monte Carlo was Nikita’s first major win.

He has won a total of $35,553,765 in live events thus far.

Alexey “Ale6ka” Boyko and Igor “OMGitshunt” Soyka, two of his compatriots, respectively, earned $3,515,399 and $2,703,576 in offline events after successfully completing online tournament school. 

There is a man living in Minsk who goes by the online handle “frostinho” who has been having the most success among Belarusian tournament grinders. The player earned a total of $1,285,497 while never winning more than $50,000 in a single MTT.


Does Belarus have access to PokerStars?

The answer is yes. However, the transfer situation for Belarusians in the room is challenging. No cryptos are accepted here. Withdrawals made to Skrill or Neteller may only be converted to foreign currency by sending the funds to a foreign currency wallet.

How can I find legitimate poker rooms in Belarus?

Pokerok, Winning, and Chico are just a few of the offshore sites you may visit from the nation. Our manager will assist you in selecting a room that meets your requirements:

Is it possible to play poker online in Belarus?

Yes, but only if the space has been granted a municipal license, which it now lacks. That means Belarusians may only play at offshore venues.


Problems for Belarusian poker rooms have mostly stemmed from the international scenario in recent years. However, locals are not without options, and they may still cash out their wins if they so want.


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  • This text provides information about the poker industry in Belarus, focusing on the poker rooms that will be operating in 2022 and the circumstances surrounding their profitability. It discusses various poker halls and networks available, such as PokerKing, Americas Cardroom, Black Chip Poker, and PokerOK, highlighting their offerings and promotions.

    The text also mentions the legislative framework governing online gambling in Belarus, stating that the industry is unregulated and falls into a gray category. It mentions that players often hide their revenue through foreign transfers or legitimizing it as proceeds from other activities, which is legal. Additionally, it notes that the government has started blocking domestic IP addresses from accessing foreign gambling sites.

    Regarding payment methods, the text states that there will be relatively few transaction options available in 2022. It highlights the restrictions placed on Belarusian bank cards and electronic wallets, making cryptocurrency transfers a more viable option for players.

    The text concludes by mentioning that gambling gains are taxable, but the rooms in Belarus currently disregard the law. It suggests that players who wish to evade taxes may use the services of money changers to convert their funds stored on international platforms.

    Overall, the text provides a detailed overview of the poker industry in Belarus, discussing the available rooms, regulatory environment, payment options, and tax implications for players.

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    This text provides information about the state of online poker in Belarus, discussing the available poker rooms, the legal regulations, and the financial aspects of playing poker in the country. It mentions that Belarus has produced skilled poker players despite its small size and highlights some of the popular poker rooms and networks that Belarusian players can access. It also mentions the unregulated nature of online poker in Belarus and the potential difficulties players may face in accessing international poker sites. Additionally, it discusses the limited options for poker transactions and the taxable nature of gambling gains in the country. Overall, the text provides a comprehensive insight into the current status of online poker in Belarus.

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