Surprise is won by ToToDoo, who receives a free entry into every April 2023 Winamax Series event as a result.

Yesterday, a whole new season of the Winamax Series began on Winamax.fres. From April 2-13, 2019, you may participate in the poker festival of the year, with a guaranteed prize pool of €20,000,000.

On Sunday, the first 19 competitions in the Winamax Series concluded, awarding a total of €1.82m in prize money. In addition, €289k was split over 18 additional regular events whose jackpots were more than €10,000 each.

Winners of ten Winamax Series tournaments received prizes worth more than €10,000. Those that have won over €20,000 are highlighted below.

CrAnKiTuP (€22,804.41; WS-7 NLHE; Marathon Event).

amount(€36,463.04) summuNNNN (WS-8 NLHE – Marathon CHAMPIONSHIP).

In the sun (WS-10 NLHE, 6 Max, $22,701.65).

(€26,831.85) Port wine (WS-12 NLHE, 6 Max, Mystery).

ToToDoo won the WS-14 Mass Start KO SURPRISE – 6 Max and took home €13,905.07 in cash plus an incredible bonus prize: entry into every event of the Winamax Series in April 2023 for free.

Activity on the WS was high. Seven of the events featured six-figure prizes, yet there was not a single overlay. Below are the sums they won:

Marathon Event WS-7 NLHE: €141,570.

European Championship of WS-8 NLHE Marathon: €208,104.

€161,568 for WS-9 NLHE 6 Max KO.

€118,530 for WS-10 NLHE 6-Max.

€199,640 for WS-12 No-Limit Hold’em, 6 Max, Mystery.

Six-Man Maximum WS-14 Mass Start KO Surprising Pot: £198,198.

Mysterious WS-23 NLHE 6 Max Pot: €147,510.

The final standings from yesterday’s 19 Winamax Series events are as follows:

Marathon Event CPAAASCOOL (WS-6 NLHE). Total cash award of €10,309.93. Field: 7,716. Total prize value of €69,444.

In this case, CrAnKiTuP refers to the WS-7 NLHE – Marathon Event. Total prize money: €22,804.41 (3,146 participants). Total cash awarded: €141,570 .

marathon summuNNNN (WS-8 NLHE CHAMPIONSHIP. Total prize money: €36,463.04; total number of entrants: 897. Field: 897. Total Prize Value: €208,104 .

Namely, desomorphine (WS-9 NLHE, 6 Max, KO. Total prize money is €13,998.57. Field: 8,976. Total prize pool of £161,568. .

Blinded by the sun (WS-10 NLHE, 6 Max. Prize: £22,701.65. Field: 1,317. Prize money totals £118,530.

WS-11 No-Limit Holdem (Max: six) – LaBonneAnnee (Mystery). Money awarded: €3,732.13. Participants: 9,728. Total prize value of €43,776.

The wine from Porto (WS-12 NLHE 6 Max Mystery). The total amount of the prizes is €26,831.85. Field: 1,085. Total prize money is €199,640.

the Monster Stack (WS-13 NLHE) is loose and fun. Payout: €4,643.48. Field: 6,886. Total prize value of €30,987.

The ToToDoo (WS-14 Mass Start KO SURPRISE – 6 Max. a total of €13,905.07 was awarded to a field of 22,022. Total prize money is €198,198.

PLO WS-15 B0BBY FISHY 6 MAX KO. The total amount of money up for grabs is 2,719.47 Euros. Field: €1,151. Field: 1,151. Money awarded: €20,718 .

WS-17 NLHE Monster Stack) ScienceIsFun. Cash prize of €15,796,29. Field: 864. Money up for grabs amounts to €77,760.

As a WS-20 NLHE fighter, Eugene Pavie has a record of 6-Max with one knockout victory. Cash prize of €9,283,73. Field: 9,826. Total prize money is €88,434.

WS-21 NLHE. Patagonia94. Prize: $10,324.75. Field: 3,469. Money awarded: $62,442 .

stripey ribbles (WS-22 NLHE, Episode 1). Prize: €7,451.92. Field: $5,546. Prize money totals €49,914.

Redkard (WS-23 No Limit Hold’em, Six Max, Secret. Total prize value of €14,638.36. Field: €3,278. Field: 3,278. Total cash award of €147,510.

It’s robbing time (WS-24 NLHE, 6 Max, KO). Cash prize of €8,431,37. Field: 4,794. Total prize value is €86,292.

Curious (WS-25 NLHE – 4 Max. Prize: £7,846.32. Field: 384. Money awarded: £34,560.

Demons, L.DE GALBANI (WS-26 NLHE, 3rd Max. Cash prizes totaled €8,736,61. Field: 5,926. Total prize value of €53,334!

There are demons in Neruth 667 (WS-27 NLHE Heads Up). There were 687 competitors for a total prize of €4,699.48. Total prize value of €30,915.

Below are the specific outcomes of the 18 regular events with €10,000+ in prize money:

Prize: €1,486.87 (Field: 1,074) Prize pool: €10,000 Ace0ofSpades8 (Mystery KO)


UlyssesDalaBala1 (Beginner. Field size: 325; Total Prize Pool: €15,000.

PerhapsA&S (Mystery KO, $1,901.13 prize, 635-person field, $11,430 total)


Prize: €2,282.63. Number of entrants: 278. Total prize pool: €12,510. PasLhorreur (Mystery KO).


Samourai 5) KGB-TED. A total of €13,275 was at stake (prize: €1,494.19) with 2,950 entrants. .

prize pool of €11,880 (Field: €1,320; Ball Trap: €10) dhisvfo.

Tea for Two ($20), Pot of Gold ($3,606.35), Little Field ($1,844), Total Prize Pool ($33,192).

KEKG ($50 Gladiator, $4,058.77 prize, 537 players, $24,165 total).

(Guerrilla) Antoinebqt €5, Winner: €1,671.49, Competitors: €3,768 Total: €16,956.

Marie Paule (€10 Mega Stack) (6:30 p.m.). Payout: 2,362,41 Euros. 1,467 competitors; €13,203 in prize money.

TheophilePK (Unknown Knockout. The prize pool was €26,145, and the winner took home €3,885.75.

Tartaro5 (€20 Nitro, €1,920.15 prize, 668 players, €12,024 total prize pool).

How are things… (La Fievre 10) Prize: €2,710,58. 1,706 participants; total prize fund of €15,354.

Pour la Daronne) Loki Laufey $5, $1,571.25, 3,555 total participants, $15,998 in prize money.

Tournament of Champions) Jenna Ortega. Winner receives €2,500.00 (Field size: 43; Prize Pool: €12,100).

Prize: $1,708.32; Payout: $10; Field: $1,320; Total Prize Pool: $11,880; Game: IceInMyVeins.

Sturdy (€20 Final Round, €2,222.47 Prize, €1,154 Field, and €20,772 Prize Pool).

winner: laurent14141 (€20 Mad Max; $2,608.72; 742 entrants; $13,356).

It is Day 2 of the Winamax Series.

Be a responsible player. Several methods exist in online poker rooms to encourage responsible play (such as self-exclusion or deposit limitation).

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  • The text provides information about the ongoing Winamax Series poker festival on Winamax.fres. It highlights the prize pools and winners of various events, as well as the number of participants and total prize money awarded. Overall, the text seems to be a factual and informative update about the festival.

  • The text provides information about the recent Winamax Series poker festival on Winamax.fres. It highlights the guaranteed prize pool of €20,000,000 and the winners of various tournaments during the event. It also mentions the high activity on the WS and the absence of any overlays. The text concludes by providing specific outcomes of 18 regular events with prize money of €10,000 or more. Overall, the text provides factual information about the event and its outcomes.

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