Raul Martinez is off to a more difficult start at the 2023 USPO than Nacho Barbero.

Raul Martinez is off to a more difficult start at...

Not only does the presence of Spanish players go unnoticed anywhere in the world, but it is also expected when poker enthusiasts deem something noteworthy happening.

Raul Martinez was one of 105 people accepted by Aria and PokerGO staff to register for the $10,000 buy-in event in the United States. The Poker Open has begun. Due to PGT’s well-known policy of waiving commissions for players who enter the room before the cards are “shuffled and dealt,” Raul and possibly Jonathan Little, João Simao or Sean Winter were seated at Table 4 at the official start time.

In a game with a registration fee of 15, it was Brazilian Simao who sent Raul off in the end and finished 17th.

Raul is in a good position around 45BB at a time when steals and straight all-in re-rolls tend to dominate PokerGO Tour events. To put pressure on Alex Foxen, who started with JJ about 15 BB behind, the Spaniard left a third of his chips in the pot. Apparently he didn’t see the cards coming to the next level, as Simao once again raised the price per track and caught Martinez with the tournament’s short stack. Although he’s ahead on paper at 44, Simao is happy with the economic upturn at 55.

Even if Raul made the money, he would have had a good chance to perform from a series of doubles until Dylan Linde got a horrible Riverazo – Queen on the JK3K table, where AK lost to Ren Lin’s QQ.

The unstoppable Nacho Barbero will represent Latin Poker at the first final table of the US Poker Open.

Nacho has already represented Latin Poker twice in 2023, as he did in 2010, and last year he took home over $1,000,000 in prize money. He dominated 2018 after reaching the PSPC final table and winning the Vietnam Triton Series and the PokerGo PLO Series. The run remained strong despite Justin Young sealing the tournament with a setback to the Argentine’s fortunes before the final re-draw.

Young, Justin, 4,075,000

J. Weissman Joe 3,025,000

Barbero, Nacho 2,625,000

Stephen Moreno 1,960,000

Total $790,000.

Jonas Little, 650,000

The grand prize is $231,000 and all other prizes are capped at a combined total of $63,000.

Raul Martinez is off to a more difficult start at...

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  • Kertzmann.thaddeus

    The text discusses the presence of Spanish players in the poker world and highlights Raul Martinez’s participation in a tournament. It also mentions Nacho Barbero’s success in previous years and his representation of Latin Poker in the US Poker Open.

  • The text describes Spanish poker players making an impact in international tournaments, with players like Raul Martinez and Nacho Barbero achieving success at the US Poker Open. Nacho Barbero has previously represented Latin Poker and has had significant winnings in various poker events.

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