PokerKing Presents: The Venom PKO – $5,000,000 Guarantee

The Venom PKO, with a $5,000,000 guarantee, is set to begin on October 20 and is the second richest bounty event in the world this year. The straight Venom Fever and other satellites will commence 18 days beforehand on that day. For more information about the competition and how to enter, see this article.

Starting on October 2nd, $5M GTD satellites to The Venom PKO.

Aiming for a new high?

After the fourth installment of The Venom PKO in Winning Roums was able to shatter the previous record of $20,000 in prize money and raise the guarantee to over $2 million for the second time in its history, we speculated that the tournament’s organizers would make significant changes to the format for the fifth installment.

Yet, as the tournament announcement demonstrated, its fundamental components would be maintained:

Season of 2022 ($2,650) The dates for the Venom PKO are October 20-November 2. With the standard guarantee of $5,000,000 and four days to get things going.

Time Period 1A: October 20.

Time Period 1B: October 23

Time Period 1C: October 27

First Day of October (30th)

The time for all flyts is 20:05 MSC. On November 2nd, Twitch will show the final table as it happens.

More people will be able to join the event now that the satellite table grid has been revised.

Poisonous Fever

Venom Fever was able to amass a record prize pool the previous time around because of the proliferation of such competitions. And this time, the network’s upper echelons are putting their money on them.

From October 2nd until the 30th, you may tune in live to Venom Fever via satellite.

The satellites will now operate for a full four weeks. There have been 297 tournaments thus far.

The number of tickets up for grabs will exceed 1,000, an increase of at least 243 over the springtime The Venom PKO.

The range of buy-ins hasn’t changed from $32 to $290, but the average has fallen to roughly $68.

There are two varieties of big satellites available in this offer:

Every Sunday, for $95 (free admission for race leaderboard winners), you may participate in the Beast & SnC Venom MEGA, which has 20x $2,650 Seats GTD.

There will be more than 20 events in the VenomFever MONSTER MEGA, with a total of 10–20 tickets GTD for $109–$290.

A second opportunity at almost $7.5M in prize money awaits in 2022 at The Venom PKO $5M GTD, thanks to a massive increase of the satellite grid.

To see the complete VenomFever schedule, please click here.

Constellations Apart

There will also be the customary three varieties of Venom step satellites. Most of them have freerolls as a starting point.

Killer Venom Sting*.

*Uses a variant of Quick Poker played at tables. After a player accumulates 5,000 chips, they will automatically be given a pass to the next level.

Instant Killer Venom*.

Satellites with a Late Registration Time and SnG.

Venom Dealt Killing Blow on Skip*.

Availability of fewer tiers. The previous tournament’s winners received two $880 satellite tickets to The Venom.



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