Matheus Cardoso Stumbles With KK to Quit Sunday Million in 7th

The first hour of the Sunday Million playoffs was eventful. Short-stacked Brazilian Matheus Cardoso had two payjumps before being eliminated. In seventh place, the driver from the “matheustcm” account topped up with $24,781 in funds.

The first casualty of the afternoon was the Polish “trzcinsky”. As a farewell, he was eliminated with Q♠Q♦, increasing to 700,000 minutes straight from the button. CL Daniel Aziz then defended the big and called. The flop came 5♠A♣2♦, “trzcinsky” bet 594,000 and called his opponent’s check-raise to 1,538,000. When Daniel checked again on the 10♦ turn, “trzcinsky” decided to c-bet 1,008,000. In turn, Daniel pushed his 18,297,665 chips into the middle of the table. “trzcinsky” deposits 2,733,225 and sees Brasuca showing A♦10♣. The 6♣ river confirmed Daniel’s victory and he hit the pot.

A few hands later, Daniel called Matheus’ 3-bet all-in with A♣9♥. With A♠J♣, Matheus wasn’t surprised to double up on a board of 8♣J♥2♣5♣Q♦.

On the other hand, German Patrice “pAtcAsh83” Brandt hit it hard on the deck. In another all-in pre-flop, he hit “vladulaNko” with A♥A♠ against J♦J♣. Jacks on the flop and river secured four of a kind for the Bulgarian, who jumped into the lead.

At the same level, Matheus was eliminated. He called “ziototo94″‘s raise with A♠10♠ and saw a flop of 6♥4♣10♥. The Malta-based grinder declared a c-bet of 807,478. Matheus responded by check-raising to 1,855,000, leaving him with 3,828,760. “ziototo94” put all his chips in the middle of the table and called. Matheus was in the lead with the A♠10♠ and couldn’t find anything on the turn 7♠ or the river 10♣.

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  • The text describes the events of the Sunday Million playoffs, highlighting the eliminations of certain players and their gameplay. It provides details of specific hands and outcomes, creating a vivid picture of the tournament.

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    This text appears to be a recap or summary of a poker tournament, specifically the Sunday Million playoffs. It provides information about the players, their actions, and the outcomes of various hands.

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