‘Magneto’ Takes R$211,000 at 1M Supreme

'Magneto' Takes R$211,000 at 1M Supreme

The Supreme Series of Poker is sure to continue to thrill people. This Sunday, Sunday the 11th, no one did more damage than Magneto. He won $211,194 after beating 2,973 opponents in Event 338-M: $390 NL Hold’em 1M Supreme.

Concluded with 1M Supreme Podium, “gersonkertz” (2nd place) and “Derf”. ” (3rd place) won R$103,026 and R$85,328 respectively.

In Event 137-H: $3,500 NL Hold’em Super High Roller, winner “HighProfit22” received R$155,713, Second place “852963” won R$60,453.

See other results:

Event 339-M: $250 No Limit Hold’em Freeze (595 participants)

Winner: “Millionaz R$20,159”

Event 510-L: $75 NL Hold’em Supreme (1,865 entrants)

Winner: “CapouTomou” R$19,897

Event 341-M: R$150 NL Hold’em Battle HR (811 participants)

WINNER: “runador” $17,924

'Magneto' Takes R$211,000 at 1M Supreme

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