Leagues in the second tier and a competition for $200

An incident that took place a few days ago is one that Sorare players, particularly new players, will find difficult to exaggerate in its significance. Along with Allstar and u23 teams, the second divisions of the top five leagues in the world will now be eligible to compete in the newly established competition for the second division.

Sorare: лиги вторых дивизионов, конкурс на 200$, стрим с ответами на ваши вопросы

Those individuals who were either unsure of the appropriate time to submit their application or were concerned that they had already missed their chance will find that this is an excellent opportunity.

From kissmemissme:

“There are a hundred teams with a lot of players who are unknown to the general public, and this is a perfect opportunity to sort out and monetize your expertise and scouting study. There are a hundred teams with players who are unknown to the general public. The market is totally unformed, and the process of price discovery hasn’t yet begun; nonetheless, I am certain that you will be able to quickly make excellent X’s here by carrying out the appropriate analytical work.

We are providing additional encouragement by offering cash awards of $100, $50, and $25 respectively to the top three scout writers who submit their work. 

Channel for them to submit their suggestions about scouting.

Within the next two weeks, the best will be awarded the awards that they have rightfully earned, and the best will begin preparing to win their new chance.

Additionally, Kissmemissme and Kapitonoff will be your hosts for the very first Discord Stream, which will be dedicated to answering any questions you may have. It is quite possible that there will be other diary writers who join them. 

The live feed is scheduled to begin tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. local time in both Kiev and Moscow.

Quick FAQ

What exactly is a Sorare?

This is our comprehensive guide to the game. What makes it such a fun thing to do?

It’s simply a chance to figure things out quicker than anybody else and gain a head start on participants in Division 2 of the competition. One way to think about the birth of a new variation of hold ’em or Omaha, which nobody really understands how to play just yet, is as an analogue for poker. 

In addition, “gameday players” have the ability to award large X’s since they underestimate the competition.

Where can I get the specifics to read?



Because we have such a large stock of playing cards, you may be sure that our judgment is skewed.

No financial advice will be given; instead, you will be directed to do your own research and ask questions in Discord or on streamers.


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  • Dickens.delia

    This text is promoting a newly established competition for the second division of the top five leagues in the world in the game Sorare. It emphasizes the opportunity for new players to participate and potentially monetize their expertise in scouting. The text also mentions cash awards for scout writers and a Discord stream for questions and answers.

  • This text outlines a new opportunity for Sorare players to compete in the second divisions of the top five leagues in the world, offering a chance to monetize their expertise in scouting. The text also highlights a cash reward incentive for top scout writers, a Discord stream for further engagement, and emphasizes the potential for quick gains by being an early adopter in this new competition.

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