KSOP: Gabriel Oppensado and Grassi in warm-up bubble

KSOP GGPoker Premium: Three eliminations in a row,...

The warm-up event that raised over R$ 1 million on the KSOP GGPoker Premium stage returned to day two at 16:00 on Thursday with 221 players in attendance. Only 134 of them won, but within two hours the dreaded ITM bubble moment arrived. And so fast, it doesn’t even require hand-to-hand combat to blow it up.

Since the return, due to multiple eliminations, the battlefield is shrinking rapidly, and it is time before the first breakthrough. round. Three straight knockouts skipped entire sections just before they considered pausing the game to begin hand-to-hand combat.

After three falls, all 134 survivors are guaranteed R$ 1,600. Two notable personalities who have hit the jackpot lately are musician Gabriel O Pensador, who is now a regular at poker events, and Argentinian Markito Grassi, a longtime regular at KSOP GGPoker.

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There were not many chances of escape when the accident happened. First up is Gabriel O Pensado. With 5 blinds, the rapper was involved in a pre-flop all-in with his KQ and a few other players. Under some of their domination, artists couldn’t find their way out and ended up in prize pools. Another player also fell in that hand, resulting in two of the three eliminations.

Then the “official bubble” fell into the hands of Markito Grassi. The Argentine was much calmer in a post-flop hand against Paulo Gioanello and couldn’t get away with it. The Q53 flop came with two diamonds, Markito c-bet, Joanello called and Leandro Poleza raised. Back in Marchito, he moved all-in and was called again by two players.

Then the Argentine’s overpair came KK, Joanello three-bet 55 and Poleza 53 for two pair. big blind spot. The rest of the board didn’t help Grassi, who eventually said goodbye to an effective price bubble. Play continues today with the final table tomorrow and will be broadcast.

KSOP GGPoker Premium: Three eliminations in a row,...

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  • This text reports on the warm-up event at the KSOP GGPoker Premium stage, which raised over R$1 million and had 221 players in attendance. It highlights the fast-paced nature of the game and the notable players who have performed well.

  • This text provides a recap of the warm-up event at the KSOP GGPoker Premium stage, highlighting key moments and notable players. It also mentions the elimination of Gabriel O Pensador and Markito Grassi during the game, leading to the official bubble. The text concludes by mentioning that the play will continue with the final table and will be broadcasted.

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