Heads-up play concludes in Event 1 of Super Million$ Week, and Chiconogue takes home $109,000.

Brazil was one elimination away from sweeping the GGPoker miniseries shortly after Pedro Cavalieri’s Super Million$ Week victory. Francisco Nogueira, alias Chiconogue, was eliminated from Event 1: $525 NL in a thrilling heads-up. Bounty hunters for Hold ’em with $109,127.

Throughout the most of the decisive heads-up match, the Brazilian sold his win to the Chinese player “PKINGFANS.” In all, the winner took home $177,299.

In an early stage of heads-up play, Chiconogue instacalled CL’s open shove with KK, which CL held. Chiconogue’s victory was sealed by the board, which read 7810QJ.

Chiconogue was crowded, but it only took a few of people to put on “PKINGFANS,” and the Asians were even quicker. Once again, he was far ahead and forced Chiconogue to go all in. The owner of the “Boulos MTST” account phoned, giving the code: “4 4.” “PKINGFANS” had 1010 and was not startled by the 56A3K advantage, therefore he won the pot.

With 4,334 entrants, Event 1 brought in $2,167,000, much above the minimum prize pool of $1,500,000.

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  • This text appears to be describing a poker tournament in which Brazilian player Francisco Nogueira, alias Chiconogue, was eliminated in a heads-up match. The winner of the match, a Chinese player known as PKINGFANS, took home a substantial cash prize.

  • Joseph.reilly

    This text describes a poker tournament where a Brazilian player came close to winning but was ultimately eliminated. The Brazilian player sold his win to a Chinese player in the final stages of the match, who went on to win the tournament.

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