Grosvenor Goliath Gives WSOP Answers, Sets New Record 11,493 Entries

Grosvenor Goliath Gives WSOP Answers, Sets New Rec...

World Series of Poker The famous themed tournaments of the weekend, such as Poker Gladiator, Mystery Millions or Colossus, hold all the records in the world.

Only one live tournament in the world, held outside the Las Vegas metropolitan area, has managed to pass the 10,000-entry mark.

Since 2011, the Grosvenor Casino has been held in Las Vegas every year at this time. In the UK we will be hosting the Goliath, a £150 buy-in tournament. All recruiting is concentrated in Coventry, the geographical center of the island, which is a very convenient location from which there is a very cheap tournament that you have the chance to win that is worth nothing. Other tournaments are irrelevant.

Goliath has not stopped growing since its inception. Matchdays and unique players increase year after year, which creates an ever-larger field of players, even for repurchases. In 2019, Goliath registered more than 9,000 people, making it the largest audience attending a poker event outside of the WSOP.

As with all fields and events, the pandemic has passed and interrupted Goliath’s progress, and like many other events, Goliath has sought refuge in online poker.

In 2022, Grosvenor announces a return to live poker on GoliathXGoliathXCelebrating bypassing years of darkness and announcing a return to live poker. Strong>, To commemorate the ten live performances, customers responded by selling over 10,000 tickets for the first time.

2023 has also seen its colossus, and the tradition continues. The number of entries increased, with more than 5,700 people making more attempts than ever to win the tournament, bringing the total to an impressive 11,493 entries.


— Grosvenor Poker (@GrosvenorPoker) August 5, 2023

The number of prize pools awarded to the champions is not as spectacular as one might expect, but the tournament is where the last six players come to an agreement Determined after sharing the prize. With a starting fee of £150 and a minimum stake of £75,000 with 500 buy-ins, there’s no less than £44,000 left to fight for the title.

It turned out to be Alex Todd, chip leader at the final table, a typical Goliath image stemming from mid-term buy-in tournaments held by local tournaments in the UK, strange experiences at the Irish Poker Open except Bringing four-figure winnings a few games away, never happened to him again.

♥️ ♣️ GOLIATH 2023 CHAMPION – Alex Todd ♦️ ♠️

Alex beat 11,493 players to win £178,860! !

He started and finished the day as the chip leader.

What an achievement!

— Grosvenor Poker (@GrosvenorPoker) August 6, 2023

Every year, it gets harder and harder to keep up with the current flow of tournaments. The health of the Goya people is the perfect thermometer to gauge the health of British poker, and indeed European poker. Check passed, we’re all oaks.

Grosvenor Goliath Gives WSOP Answers, Sets New Rec...

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  • This text discusses the popularity and growth of the Goliath poker tournament in the UK, highlighting its record-breaking number of participants in 2023. The tournament offers a significant prize pool and the champion, Alex Todd, won £178,860 after beating 11,493 players. It suggests that the success of Goliath reflects the overall health of British and European poker.

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    This text highlights the success of the Goliath tournament in the UK, which has seen record-breaking participation numbers and a dedicated following. It also mentions the impact of the pandemic on live events and the return to live poker in 2022, showcasing the resilience of the poker community.

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