Felipe Ketzer meets hero’s call in a very different piece

In a game of multiple analysis, Felipe Ketzer made...

Fees Lipe Kaiser has become one of the best players in Brazil today and his style of play is a common theme even among the players. His creativity and “beyond the curve” thinking draws attention, and when there’s a chance to hear him talk about the game, it’s always good to grab it.

Last week, a partner on the team posted handwriting on his game. On Instagram, he revealed a match that took place in a GGPoker tournament and explained all the reasons that led to it. The result was a pot of more than 135 blinds for the Brazilian, and his opponent’s showdown surprised everyone watching him live.

In a 3-way pot with 17 players remaining in the tournament, Ketzer defended the big blind and watched the flop show. The opponent c-bets from the 1.8 blinds into a 7.9 pot, and the third player involved quickly folds. Ketzer was the last to speak, and from then on, he started bluffing with over 60 effective blinds.

“That’s fine. We’re even, I’ll cover him.” “Check-raise, bullet after bullet, will he fold AJ on the river? We block AK, A3, 33 . I was bluffing,” he explained. Ketzer then raised to 7.2 blinds and was surprised by his opponent’s re-raise to 13.4 blinds. The gaucho then starts to consider possible cards and decides to follow the bluffing scheme.

Felipe Ketzer re-raises for 22 blinds and his opponent calls. The move changed the game and brought two pairs for the Brazilian players. Ketzer went off the line again and decided to check and pay off his opponent’s bet of 5.1 blinds, or 10% of the pot.

So the river is a , which is a flush draw, and there cannot be a way to complete the . To complete the list of unconventional plays, Ketzer decided to block three blinds with a pot of 62 in the middle. He begins to consider which hands his opponent might play and leaves the decision up to his opponent.

The opponent’s move made the Brazilian think again. His opponent pushed 36.6 blinds, and Ketzer immediately said, “What a stop. How crazy. But I don’t think I can back down from this guy. It’s a weird line. After a while, Felipe called, thinking it was Bluffing.” Then the showdown took everyone by surprise.

The bad guy’s call was a complete bluff and Ketzer took the pot with over 135 blinds, sending everyone into rhapsody. “That’s the perfect summation of trying to bluff one of the blinds.” The player most equipped to create that situation today.

In a game of multiple analysis, Felipe Ketzer made...

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