Fabiano Kovalski Finishes 6th in Super Million$ for $125,000

Another country ace bagged a six-figure payday at the GGPoker World Gala. In the special edition Super Million$, Fabiano Kovalski dropped out of the 6-player FT Championship and took home $125,673.

Kovalski made the decision well ahead of the leaders. As the owner of 17 BBS, he is almost on par with the last two finishers. Russian Andrei “Mr. Dupin” Nikonorov, already in the first rank, suffered below deck and was eliminated. He 4-bet all-in with Q♦Q♠ for 16 BBS and was called by Ognyan Dimov with A♣J♣. The 5♥A♠4♥ flop sent Nikonorov looking for outs, but the K♣ turn and 6♣ river confirmed his exit.

The next case will come soon. On a flop of A♥Q♠ vs. 9♥9♣, “SoyBoyCuck” was not saved by a marginal 7♥3♦K♠2♦K♥ and watched as Pavel “EzzzGame” Plesuv pulled the pot.

In search of another knockout, Plesov finally “jumped on the spear”. After an opening hijack, he called Theo Arnoldi’s 3-bet all-in and saw the Dane show A♣A♦. With 4♣4♠ in hand, the Romanian had absolutely no chance on 10♥7♠J♦8♠6♠.

Even with his double-up, Arnoldi still had his back against the wall, but still had more chips than Kovalski. When he has 8♣8♦, he decides to 3-bet all-in with 16 BBS. Back in the action, Benjamon Rolle called with 9♥9♣. The 7♥6♣K♠6♠5♠ lead didn’t change the situation and Kovalski canceled another payjump.

In a critical situation with only 4 bbs, Kovalski couldn’t get out. As a farewell, he had Q♣10♦ when he called Roller’s min-raise. The flop came 7♠J♣5♦ and the ex-Team PokerStars Pro c-bet eliminated Kannapong “Sakooh” Thanarattrakul and Plesuv. Rolle held Q♠Q♥ to see Kovalski die on Turn 2♥.


  • This text describes the recent success and elimination of several players in the GGPoker World Gala, including the ace player Fabiano Kovalski who won a six-figure payday. The text provides details of the hands played and outcomes of the matches.

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