Daniel Aziz Wins Sunday Million Jackpot for $166,000

Brazil has another Sunday Million winner. This afternoon, Daniel Aziz joined Guilherme Cheveau, Renan Carlos Bruschi and João Leão after winning the SCOOP event. As a result of the heads-up trade, customer driver “dani aziz” increased his bankroll to $166,765, his biggest win at PokerStars.

Because of being in the lead early in the playoffs, Daniel managed to get a good one and stay in the lead throughout the race. In an intense single challenge, he eventually took home host Donald “donald0404” Duarte in a five-max match. The Brazilian ran J♦10♦ against A♦Q♥, and the straight 8♦9♥7♦J♥4♠ took the pot.

CL Daniel jumped the “javelin” again and lost a lot of chips against “vladulaNko”. After clearing, the Bulgarian pushed his chip into the middle of the table and got the call. Daniel beat Q♣Q♦ with A♦2♣ and had no chance on the board of Q♦A♣J♣8♥.

“vladulaNko” has found value again. With A♦A♥, he was the only one to call a 3-bet all-in by “bartek901” with A♣2♣. A lead of 4♣3♥10♥9♥Q♦ confirmed the victory for “bartek901”, who advanced to the top-stacked 3-handed table.

In a long and even heads-up, the finalists tried and couldn’t agree to a deal. Daniel Aziz was more consistent than his opponent and built a good lead without looking back. On a flop of 6♠6♦ against Q♥J♥, “ziototo94” overturned a board of 6♥3♣7♠4♦A♠ and sealed the HU formation.

34 bbs apart, Daniel and “vladulaNko” came to an agreement before the duel began. The relentless Brasuca finished the game in just 11 moves. On the final hand, Daniel Aziz opened with A♥5♦ after folding. The European then paid off K 8♥ with his final 15 BBS. A lead of 6♦5♣2♠2♣A♦ sent Daniel out twice and he took the pot.

The Sunday Million lost its guaranteed $1,000,000 after 2,580 registered players with a $530 buy-in. See how much each finalist won from the $1,290,000 prize pool:

1. Daniel “dani aziz” Aziz (Brazil) $166,765*

2. “vladulaNko” (Bulgaria ) $156,765*

3. “ziototo94” (Malta) $95,978

4. “bartek901” (UK) $68,417

5. Donald “donald0404 “Duarte (Nicaragua) $48,769

6. “xMFPx” (UK) $34,764

7. Matheus “matheustcm” Machado (Brazil) $24,781

8. Patrice “pAtcAsh83” Brandt (Germany) $17,665

9. “trzcinsky” (Poland) $12,592

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  • This text describes the victory of Brazilian player Daniel Aziz in the SCOOP event of PokerStars, where he won $166,765. The article also highlights the key moments and other finalists in the tournament.

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    This text is reporting on the recent victory of Daniel Aziz from Brazil in a SCOOP event. It highlights his success and the prize pool distribution among the finalists.

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