Clubs for playing poker in Russia

While the biggest online poker rooms are most often connected with Asian nations, clubs from all around the globe may be found there. We’ll be discussing Russian poker rooms today.

Poker parlors in Russia

Having understood out how the software works, Russians have been actively cooperating with it, and there are now several Russian clubs on PPPPoker. Sadly, dishonest people will occasionally take advantage of the ease with which such collaboration may be used for their own ends.

A club whose primary purpose was to rip off members and sponsors was encountered by our organization. For this reason, we strongly suggest that players not go out in search of clubs online on their own.

The risk of falling prey to con artists is reduced by using agents like WPD. We thoroughly vet every club we partner with, and we promise that your funds will be handled responsibly and securely.

Worldpokerdeals is now collaborating with two Russian club alliances in PPPPoker. They are most active in the late evening in Europe, however you may still find some lively tables throughout the day.

Alliance for Double Rubles and the Private-Aircraft Club

Russian PPPPoker VIP air club.

consists of a wide variety of separate groups. Tables with 25/50 to 250/500 (NL/PLO$70-$700) see the most action.

The rake is 40%.

The value of 1 chip is 1 cent.

Games: No Limit Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha 5, and Omaha High/Low Crazy.

Boundaries: 1/2 to 500/1000.

Regional representation: Russia, India, and Vietnam.

White Fish Club – A Gentlemen’s Union

Russian whitefish PPPoker club.

Players with VPIPs below 25% were eliminated from the Hold’em tables, while those with VPIPs below 30% were eliminated from the Omaha tables. So as not to roll up weak players, the maximum bet at the tables is 3/6.

The rake is 40%.

One chip is worth $0.95 at this point.

There are NLH, PLO, PLO5, and OFC games available.

Constraints: 0.05-0.13.6.

Players come from all throughout the CIS region.

When it comes to mobile poker sites, PPPoker is the best.

PPPoker is only one of several poker apps accessible, but it has amassed the greatest user base and offers the most games. Traffic levels here are on par with those of the most popular poker sites.

PPPoker has risen to the top thanks to:

The app’s ability to function in several languages.

Constant improvements to the client, including support for new file types and customization options.

Client software for PCs that allows for up to four simultaneous tabs.

The option to create a gaming profile on your own.

A 5% rake collection rate is the industry standard.

Competitive clubs that engage in active conflict.

This explains the emergence of poker clubs and associations from nations as diverse as Australia, Israel, the United States of America, Brazil, and Russia, as well as across Asia.

Poker Hashtag: #pppoker


  • The text provides information about the presence of Russian poker rooms on PPPPoker and highlights the importance of using reputable agents to avoid falling victim to scams. It also mentions two Russian club alliances and their games, stakes, and player representation.

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