Caio de Lucca enters final day of WSOP Gladiators

Caio de Lucca enters final day of WSOP Gladiators

The $300 gladiator arena with 23,088 participants now has just two tables left. With 94,000,000 in chips, Brazilian Caio de Lucca is second among 14 survivors heading into the final day. Currently, there is only 1 big blind between the Rio player and CL Eric Trexler.

When Caio returns to the tables at the Horseshoe Casino, he will face a host of recreational players on his way to a World Series of Poker bracelet. With $23,298 already guaranteed, he also has his sights set on the $499,852 prize pool for the winner.

Several big names have made their mark with the Gladiators, including Daniel Negreanu. The Canadian finished 72nd and won $5,840.

Tournament starts at 4pm (Brasilia) with blinds of 1,250,000/2,500,000 with BB antes increasing further. Check the number of chips:

1. Eric Trexler (USA) 97,400,000

2. Caio de Lucca (Brazil) 94,000,000

3. Kfir Nahum (Israel) 83,600,000

4. Jason Simon (USA) 77,800,000

5. Jonson Chatterley (USA) 66,300,000

6. Bohdan Slyvinski (USA) 55,200,000

7. Wade Wallace (USA) 41,400,000

8. Salvador Boi (Italy) 37,300,000

9. Wesley Cannon (USA) 36,000,000

10. Bien Nguyen (Australia) 31,200,000

11. Tim Williams (USA) 28,400,000

12. Joshua Rosberg (USA) 23,400,000

13. Thomas Reeves (USA) 13,600,000

14. Willie Smith (USA) 9,500,000

Caio de Lucca enters final day of WSOP Gladiators


  • This text provides an update on the ongoing $300 gladiator arena tournament in which Brazilian player Caio de Lucca is currently in second place with 94,000,000 chips. He is among the 14 remaining players competing for the World Series of Poker bracelet and a chance to win the $499,852 prize pool.

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