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Coleman left with 2 BBs, doubled four times and became the winner.

Coleman had 2 BBs left and hit 4 consecutive doubl...

New Jersey native David Coleman makes a comeback to win the PokerGO CupEvent #5 $15,100 No-Limit Hold’em Las Vegas and won the grand prize of $302,400.

Coleman’s performance was even more impressive because early in the final table, before doubling up, He has just two big blinds remainingSecuring the title in four straight games.

Dylan DeStefano just missed a chance to win this game.

The match took a dramatic turn in the fourth hand when Jeremy Ausmus was eliminated as he saw his ace queen lose toDylan DeStefano’s ace Five-man, his seventh for $37,800 – place finish.

Within seven innings, Michael Brinkenhoff Aram Zobian (5th, $70,875) was on fire. Justin Saliba (No. 6, $51,975), both flopped a set of fours in a four-way pot.

Coleman had 2 BBs left and hit 4 consecutive doubl...

KSOP GGPoker SA: Leandro Zambade was eliminated

KSOP GGPoker SA: Leandro Zambade gets eliminated i...

KSOP GGPoker South America got off to a hot start. The first trophies have been handed out and unfortunately for some the same applies to the first poor defeat. Unlucky was Argentinian Leandro Zambade in event #2 (warm-up).

From the start of the hijack, the Argentinian’s stack stood at 16 blinds and UTG made a 4 blind raise. It showed when Zambade announced his all-in without thinking, and received a call from the big blind. UTG has . Preflop, things couldn’t be better.

The question is next Things that happened. The flop scared him, but the turn kept the Argentinian ahead. At this point, each of his opponents has two out cards, and Zambade has a better than 90% chance of winning.

However, the river was dangerous: a guy showed up, gave all his chips to the big blind and Zambade was eliminated with a bad shot. His dominant opponent collected all the chips and took the pot, ending the Argentinian’s participation in Stage 1A.

KSOP GGPoker SA: Leandro Zambade gets eliminated i...

Trevino wins Nuevo Vallarta Tour high roller title

It has only one owner: Treviño won the NVT High Ro...

At the end of the Nuevo Vallarta Tour, Joel Treviño won the High Roller event and pocketed 513,650 MXN Prize money and the most trophies The festival’s expensive tournament takes place at the Incanto Casino in Bucerías.

With a buy-in of MXN 25,000, the event exceeded its expectations by receiving 90 entries The top nine players in the prize pool will receive 1,739,500 MXN Prize, ultimately led by Treviño.

Joel Trevino and Jair ‘JacGuto’ Coelho go 1-2 in the Nuevo Vallarta Tour High Roller.

In the final, the champion defeated Jair Coelho, better known as JacGuto, the Brazilian who was almost Mexican and who played in Azte Lived in Croatia for more than 15 years.

Second place saw Coelho awarded MXN $365,300 while completing the podium was Carlos Mora MXN$260,950 and Ismael Trejos are fourth with MXN$173,955.High Roller – Trip to Nuevo Vallarta

Purchase Amount: 25,000 MXN$

Entry Amount: 90

Pot: 1,739,500 MXN $

Final Table

1° Joel Trevino – MXN$513,6502. Jair JacGuto Coelho – 365,300 Mexican Pesos3° Carlos Mora – 260,950 MXN4° Ismael Trejos – 173,950 MXN5° Robert Edward Gates – 30,450 Mexican Pesos6° Joe Safat Cruz – 101,250 MXN7° Cinema Artee – 78,250 MXN8° Adam Owen – 64,350 MXN

It has only one owner: Treviño won the NVT High Ro...

Charlie Carell reveals he received bribe after Twitter complaint

Charlie Carrel gets happy ending in scam targeting...

On Tuesday, we discussed the case of Charlie Carrel, a well-known British professional who also creates poker content on YouTube. Carell posted on his Twitter account about scams he’s suffered, whether from other players or from the casino, and hopes that public discussion of the situation will lead to a solution.

Okay, question the methods – but the results were as expected. In an update to players on Wednesday night, Carell said Sam Clark, also a content creator and one of the players exposed, has paid off the debt he and other players owed. :

I tweeted that Carell gave a positive version of Sam Clark there. “Sounds like he was in a difficult situation in his life and made the (bad) decision to run away from it all.” The pro even asked people to retweet the tweet to raise awareness of the positive outcome, and Clear Clark’s name.

Other players such as Jason Caple have also reported that Clark has paid his debt correctly:

It’s worth remembering that Charlie Carell is the most successful player in history One of the British players is. According to Hendon Mob, Karel has won over $9 million in live tournament winnings, most notably winning €1,321,000 in 2019 when he defeated Event 3 of the Triton Series London. He also won the WPT Online Super High Roller Championship in 2019 and 2020.

Charlie Carrel gets happy ending in scam targeting...

“Andrerosario” winner of the second Latin American event

“Andrerosario” winner of the second Latin American...

“andrerosario”Winner of the second event at the end of the year 888PokerLATAM LEAGUE. He won the title on the second date by defeating compatriot “dianepoker” in a heads-up match. The third place is “Rixio13” from Venezuela, with a prize of US$27.94.

Added valuable points to monthly ranking. For example, “Origamidream” from Mexico and “LandBerseck” from Paraguay became the league leaders in the battle for tickets.

Also interesting, the largest $30 mystery bounty envelope was awarded to Toroypampa from Argentina, who placed 24th.

“Andrerosario” winner of the second Latin American...

Listen to the 249th Annual Macca Poker Show Podcast: Talei reflects on his career

Listen to the 249th Annual Macca Poker Show Podcas...

MarcaPoker gained 248 yesterday. Broadcast on Radio Marca, hosted by David Luzago and sponsored by Winamax.

David discusses presenting national and international pokernews in a half-hour show. As always, this is great fun.

We won’t reveal the content; we only provide a Table of Contents:

David Luzago’s own news summary.

A conversation with Javier “Thalai” Dominguez, former Team Pokerstars pro and current Magic: The Gathering pro.

The new edition of the club magazine, presented by Fernando Albarracín “Albarra”.

Contact SPF Final A special Christmas in Bratislava and Casino Barcelona and Casino Seville Activity.

Listen to the 249th Annual Macca Poker Show Podcas...

Durango casino resort opens in Las Vegas

Durango casino resort opens in Las Vegas

New Durango Casino and Casino Opens The resort is scheduled to open next Tuesday, December 5, and will be the largest in Las Vegas thanks to millions of dollars being invested in the opening. One of the top tourist, entertainment and gaming destinations.

This is the latest project from Station Casinos and represents a injectionof a total of $780 millionin the capital. It was transformed into a unique complex of luxury and convenience that they believe is one of the most advanced casinos in the city.

Durango Casinos and Casinos. The resort has generated huge expectations not only because of its financial size but also because of its commitment to community job creation, a topic that has generated much controversy in the industry recently. They initially employed more than 1,300 employees as part of their workforce, making them one of the largest employers in the region.

The wait is over. Durango Casino The resort is now accepting reservations.


— Durango Casino & Resort (@durangoresortlv) October 9, 2023

This new resort aims to stand out with its impressive facilities. The resort features 83,000 square feet of gaming space, including a casino, a 25,000-square-foot grand restaurant and 200 hotel rooms. It also offers meeting rooms, a swimming pool, outdoor common areas and free parking.

“People are going to get a beautiful hotel with a lot of dining options. We’re opening.”David Horn, vice president and general manager, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal “, “The Durango Hotel opened in the area around the same time, along with many other businesses.”

While details on gaming options have not yet been released, it is expected that with the opening of the Durango Casino and Casino, the resort will also Expand the range of Las Vegaspoker tables and tournaments. More details about bookings and other facilities are available on the website.

Durango casino resort opens in Las Vegas

The mechanism was activated after further signs of online collusion were discovered.

The mechanism was activated after further signs of...

The mechanism was activated after further signs of online collusion were discovered.

CoinPoker discovered the collusion but informed customers that their stolen payments would be refunded.

Today’s online poker rooms invest a lot of time and money in trying to protect players from outside sources (such as collusion) of damage, which could ruin everyone’s fun and ruin the game for everyone.

This time, customers of the blockchain and cryptocurrency-based online poker application CoinPoker received an email stating that something unusual had occurred and had been If found, all stolen funds will be returned to their accounts.

There has been no public statement on the matter, but they have informed customers that the player was dishonest and was permanently kicked out.

They also say that any money lost at the table is safe with Game Safe Credit, and urge players to check their money.

This is further evidence that the online gaming world is changing and poker is becoming a safer environment for players. Some of these internal investigative agencies are led by a group of former professional players whose job it is to ferret out wrongdoing.

The mechanism was activated after further signs of...

Adrian Mateos Breaks the Rules: Battle Royale Game Review in Winamax (IV)

Adrian Mateos Breaks the Rules: Battle Royale Game...

After a great run over the past few months and at the WSOP, Winamax returns to a format of other exclusive content that has always been well-received by its audience, such as tournament commentary.

This time we have the biggest star of Team Winamax, Adrian Mateos, who will analyze a battle royale first hand , including hands where he folded to avoid being hit. Walked away without commenting on a single second of the tournament.

Battle Royale is a €200 tournament, which is close to the maximum allowed by law, so all the most capable regular player rooms usually include it in their daily sessions.

Having access to something like this is always a luxury, and this analysis is so extensive and disjointed that Adrian had to divide it into five chapters to be able to expand at will to the equivalent A coaching session has a market value that many modest players cannot accept.

Previous chapters:

  • Adrián Mateos Chunks the rules : Battle Royale in Winamax Review (I).
  • Adrian Mateos Chunking Rules: Review of Battle Royale on Winamax (II)
  • Adrian Mateos Sharing Rules: Review of Battle Royale on Winamax (III)

Adrian Mateos Breaks the Rules: Battle Royale Game...

The biggest shock to Winamax on Sunday is the bracelet at the WSOP?

The biggest shock to Winamax on Sunday is the brac...

The upcoming Winamax Sunday Surprise Bonus will be the most famous and largest bonus in the Sunday tradition.

For this to happen, cooperative winners really need this idea, since the craziest tournament in the world still has a €10 buy-in in the foyer.

Next Sunday’s surprise will be at the venue as usual at 8pm instead of 8:30pm, and the winner will be flown to Las Vegas to shoulder the experience Important mission to the World Series of Poker held in June and July and receive a free room at the Casino de Paris, joining Bally’s as one of the two official venues of the WSOP.

The surprise winner will receive a $2,500 bonus in addition to a vacation package and reinvestment opportunities. For first place, they will receive a guaranteed tournament bonus of €100,000 .

I have an idea. The tournament features a live Main Event satellite, Main Event qualifiers and a final table, all of which provide winners with multi-million dollar prizes and global exposure. If possible, please improve this award.

Here are the special features of the free offer:

Two tickets to and from Las Vegas international air tickets (including checked baggage).

Two nights in a Las Vegas hotel for the 2023 World Series of Poker: A full week in Vegas at the Paris Las Vegas.

$5,000 worth of tournament buy-in available for use at the WSOP of your choice, including help registering for the event.

If Surprise is successful, it will offer an incredible travel itinerary that combines love with poker. It is always an unforgettable event and we are always up for the challenge. Because starting from the bottom is difficult. You know Surprise has satellites for €1 and €2, right?

The biggest shock to Winamax on Sunday is the brac...

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