At the moment, Leonard Maue is playing his finest poker.

German Leonard Maue put on a show at the massive final table of the WSOPC Super MILLION$ special edition last week and won the tournament, his greatest career win to date. The professional busted a table full of famous players in the $10,300 event, winning $1,351,651.

The outcome did more for the German’s career than just pad his cash account. As a result of the massive success, Maue has been given extra weight in all relevant online poker rankings. Leonard Maue may now be seen in every major tournament of the year on PokerStake (formerly PocketFives).

Tomorrow marks the conclusion of the monthly rankings for the month of March, and Maue holds a commanding lead over his nearest challenger by more than 2,400 points. Leonard’s 5,979 points after winning the championship are much ahead of Arsenii Malinov’s 3,583 points in second place. Marcelo Aziz, a Brazilian, finished fourth overall with a score of 3,302.

Leonard Maue also takes first place every year in the poll. He has scored 12,196 points throughout the contested period and is now in first place. The Super MILLION$ hit in March accounted for over half of the total points. Roman Hrabec of Austria is currently in second position with 10,939 points. Ramon Kropmanns is the top Brazilian, scoring 9,198 and placing fourth overall.

The situation changes each week in the comprehensive internet rating. Money from a wealthy wasn’t enough to unseat monster Simon Mattsson as leader. Since June of 2022, “C.Darwin2” has been at the top of the charts. Alex Kulev, one of the Super MILLION$ special’s other finalists, is the one who comes closest to the Swede. Each of them are tied for first with 11,878 points.

Yet Leonard Maue may enjoy his success. His current score of 10,802 places him third on the list, which is his highest ever. Pedro Garagnani is the best-placed Brazilian. The “pvigar” is in ninth position with 8,544 points.

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    This text highlights German Leonard Maue’s impressive win at the WSOPC Super MILLION$ special edition and the impact it has had on his career, including increased recognition in online poker rankings. Maue’s strong performance has solidified his position as a top player in the industry, evident by his commanding lead in the monthly rankings and his overall standing among other notable players.

  • The text provides information about German player Leonard Maue’s victory at the WSOPC Super MILLION$ tournament and his subsequent rise in online poker rankings. It also mentions the standings of other players in the rankings, highlighting the success of Swedish player Simon Mattsson and Brazilian player Pedro Garagnani.

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