Another Argentine province tries to regulate it online.

Another province in Argentina tries to control the Internet.

The government of Mendoza established a management team that would be responsible for detailing the procedure by which 10 licensees will engage in the enterprise.

Argentina’s regulatory landscape for internet gambling is expanding. As stated in its official bulletin, the provincial government of Mendoza continues to work on the topic with a bidding procedure to find 10 enterprises to participate, and to that end, it has resolved the formation and incorporation of the Online Gaming Management.

With the arrival of the new management, it was emphasized that the institution will continue to fulfill its role as a “regulatory body” that aims to ensure “transparency in the gaming market” in Mendoza via the following controls and aspects: online gaming and illegal gaming on the entire territory of Mendoza; online gaming, control, state supervision, and prevention of money laundering; online gaming, information security and protection of gamblers’ data.

According to the Resolution, this administration would include “all IPJYC sectors, including the Administration Building, Central Casino, Eastern Zone Casino, Departmental Casino of General Alvear, Mendoza Hippodrome, and other provincially controlled lottery offices, agencies, and sub-agencies.”

Priority will be given to casinos in Mendoza.

There are eleven online gaming licences.

Midway through January, the envelopes containing the ten proposals to be allowed to operate in a regulated manner and to be able to legally provide betting services in a virtual casino were opened, as is the case in Buenos Aires, Capital City, Misiones, and more than half of the national area.

The majority of incentives are associated with operators of land-based casinos in the province. The Provincial Institute of Gambling and Casinos will grant 15 out of a potential 100 points to proposals having ties to Mendoza-based firms, either via their own innovations or through joint ventures with online gaming organizations.

The chosen platforms must pay at least 6% of the cash obtained from wagers less the amount of prizes paid as compensation (in CABA, this requirement is 2%). In addition, they will be required to pay their gross salary and a $15,000 key deposit merely to seat at the provincial gaming table. In return, they will be permitted to do business in the province for ten years.

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  • This text describes how the government of Mendoza in Argentina is establishing regulations and procedures for internet gambling. They are seeking 10 enterprises to participate and are prioritizing casinos in Mendoza. The chosen platforms will be required to pay fees and deposits but will be allowed to operate in the province for ten years.

  • This text discusses the government of Mendoza in Argentina establishing a management team to control and regulate online gambling in the province. The management aims to ensure transparency, prevent illegal activities, and protect gamblers’ data, while also prioritizing casinos in Mendoza and granting incentives to local firms.

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