Andrey Luis Wins SCOOP Mini Sunday Million

The country’s first victory on Day 10 of SCOOP is in sight. In the final of Event 39-L: $55 NL Hold’em (a special edition of the Mini Sunday Million), Andrey “andreyluis” Luis eliminated the last few opponents in less than two hours. He took home an unprecedented $87,534 in prize money.

The champion advanced to the final with compatriot Pedro “kurtWSOP” Cavalieri. Team 4Bet’s grinder was busted in 5-max to replenish his bankroll with $22,598.

Victor Pertile in turn won the SCOOP side event. In $320 No-Limit Hold’em (8 Max, PKO), the owner of the “Per.V7” account beat 665 participants for $30,447.

In the SCOOP Edition: Bounty Generator $44, Neville Costa “NevilleWeeee” and Felipe “hoffmaann” Hoffmann doubled their lands, with players winning $14,225 and $8,730, respectively.

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  • This text highlights the success of various players in a SCOOP poker tournament, with Andrey andreyluis Luis being the country’s potential first victory, earning $87,534. Other players such as Pedro kurtWSOP Cavalieri, Victor Pertile, Neville Costa NevilleWeeee, and Felipe hoffmaann Hoffmann also had notable winnings in different events.

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    This text highlights the achievements of various players in the SCOOP tournament, emphasizing their victories and prize winnings. It also mentions the success of the country’s first victory in the event, with Andrey andreyluis Luis taking home an unprecedented amount of $87,534 in prize money.

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