Alexis Manquehual lived the Dreams of winning the Express de Temuco

CHILE Dreams came true for Alexis Manquehual as he won the Express de Temuco.

The Chilean poker circuit is slowly picking up steam, which brings back fond memories of the Dreams Poker Tour’s heyday.

From its inception in 2009 until its conclusion in 2019, the Dreams Poker Tour was a circuit of events held around Chile, mostly within the Dreams network of casinos.


In Chile, the Dreams Poker Tour was a major tournament series.

Players from all across the continent came to compete in the tournaments, which included a wide range of games and awarded a total of millions of Chilean pesos in prize money.

The Dreams Poker Tour has served as a significant stage for Latin American players, providing them with the chance to compete for substantial prizes and hone their craft. The tournament has also established a culture of poker in Chile, adding to the country’s rising popularity in the game.

There were many levels to the DPT, including qualification events, the main event, and Express tournaments like the one we’re participating in today.

This series of tournaments has come back to life and this past weekend was played in Temuco a match that had a buy-in of CL$100,000 and had 50 entries, 28 re-entries and 44 add-ons that resulted in a prize pool of CL$10,980,000, which was split into 10 awards.

Alexis Manquehual came out on top after a fierce competition, earning himself bragging rights and a cool CL$3,294,000 in prize money. He was followed on the podium by Nawab Khan, who took home CL$2.305.800 for coming in second, and Carlos Harcha, who won third and CL$1.472.400.

Consecutive standings from the Dream Poker Tour

A. Manquehual, Alexis, 1st Place: CL$3,294,000

Second Place: Nawab Khan, CL$2,305,800

Third place: CL$1,427,400 to Carlos Harcha.

4.098.000 for 4th place Alvaro Quintana

Number Five, Giovanni Ampuero, Cl$823,500

Sixth place, Diego Toloza: CL$658,800

Seventh place, Claudio Meza: $549,000

8. Daniel Oliva, 439.200 Colon Real

9th Place: Hector Osses, CL$384.300

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  • This text discusses the success of the Dreams Poker Tour in Chile and the recent victory of Alexis Manquehual in the Express de Temuco tournament. It mentions the growth of the Chilean poker circuit and the significant prizes awarded to players, contributing to the rising popularity of poker in the country.

  • The text highlights the success of Alexis Manquehual in winning the Express de Temuco, a tournament in the Chilean poker circuit. The Dreams Poker Tour has played a significant role in popularizing the game of poker in Chile and providing Latin American players with opportunities to compete for substantial prizes.

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