$400,000,000 in stakes for Day 2 of the Main Event! | CNP Medellin

$400,000,000 in stakes for Day 2 of the Main Event...

Excitement and suspense peaked on day two of the CNP Medellin Main Event, where65 players will compete for an impressive P400 million guarantee. The title race has begun and every game will be played. Action matters!

Day 2 starts from level 11, and there are 2 40-minute levels left in the game, allowing players to make full use of unlimited resources- the highest level of participation can be Up to level 13. After passing this level, there is no chance to participate in the competition, which further increases the intensity of the competition.

Today players will fight to the remaining 10%, Who will earn money and receive cash rewards. As the finalists draw closer to the News Live TV tables, the action heats up, and the live TV station will capture every moment of the action to provide poker fans with an exciting experience.

The atmosphere at CNP Medellin was very emotional as the players displayed their skill, strategy and courage in their quest for glory. Competition will be fierce, with everyone vying for the title and prestige that comes with winning one of the top tournaments in the region.

Day 2 is in full swing and players are ready to give it their all in every session – let the action begin at the CNP Medellin Main Event!

$400,000,000 in stakes for Day 2 of the Main Event...

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  • Padberg.darrel

    This text provides an exciting overview of the CNP Medellin Main Event, highlighting the intense competition and the high stakes involved. It emphasizes the players’ skills, strategies, and determination as they vie for the title and prestige associated with winning the tournament.

  • This text describes the excitement and intensity of the CNP Medellin Main Event, where players are competing for a significant cash reward. The atmosphere at the event is described as emotional, with players showcasing their skills and strategies in the quest for glory.

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